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Windows & Apple Computer Services


Screen Replacement

Replacing a laptop screen is an affordable fix that can save you from having to purchase an new machine. Screen Replacements typically run less than $200. Come see us for a quote on your model.


Hard Drives &
Solid State Drives

Losing data and pictures can be anywhere from frustrating to devastating but don’t panic. Bring in your damaged, infected or failing computer and let us retrieve and transfer your cherished pictures and hard work. We also replace and upgrade hard drives and solid state drives.


Keyboard Replacement

Water spills and missing keys can make keyboards cranky. We can help with keyboards whether its full replacement or finding you that missing letter!


Battery Replacement

Computer won't work unless its plugged in? Does your
computer rock on hard 
surfaces? Does keyboard feel hot? A failing battery can overheat and damage your hard drive! Time for a new battery! We can get you set up and cord free again.


Fan Replacement

Computers take a lot of wear and tear. The fans are 
constantly working and can get clogged and less effective. Cleaning, replacing or upgrading your fans is a simple and inexpensive 
computer repair! Don’t let your fan let you down!


Power Jack Replacement

Power cord loose? Did it get bumped and pushed in? Some Power Jacks can be replaced. Let us check it out for you so that your computer can charge again.


RAM Replacement
& Upgrade

These days 8GB RAM is the minimum to run most machines but if you are editing pictures or watching movies life might be easier with 16GB of RAM. RAM is an affordable and easy upgrade. Consider upgrading your

RAM if your computer is glitching, jumping or being difficult in general.


New Computer Set Up

Purchased a new computer? let us help you get your files, emails and pictures moved from your old computer to your new one. We can get your new computer going and feeling as comfy as your old one!

Includes 30 minutes 
of remote service for printer set up, questions, or general computer training.


Cleaning & Servicing

Are updates and dust

bunnies wreaking havoc on your machine? Upkeep and maintenance isn't just for homes and cars. Keep your machine in tip top shape

with an annual service. We will clean the fans, check your drives, remove any
viruses or malware and
make sure your computer is updated and secure.


Parts Replacement

Computers take a lot of wear and tear. When your machine goes down it may not be dead. RAM and Batteries can be replaced but so can other parts! Bring your computer in and see if a new part might solve the issue!


Upgrades & Custom Builds

Let us help you build the gamer of your dreams (or budget). Custom machines start as low as $1200. Whether you need a machine built or just some DIY guidance or a final check on your own build we can help. Call for details on options and prices.



Not sure what is even going

on with your machine? Bring

it in for diagnostics. When a service won't be enough we will provide a free quote and timeline for repairs.

No Charge on Diagnostics

if we can't fix it!

Call for details on diagnostics for custom builds or 

remote service calls.

Need one of these services? Give Us a Call Now!
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